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We use this particular broadband connection from Airtel in our office. We were on an “unlimited” scheme where you enjoyed a high speed connection for the first 10 GB of data in a month. You were then downgraded to a lower “fair use” speed once you crossed the limit. Every time you crossed this “hi speed” limit you would be redirected to a Airtel hosted page that offered to sell you extra bandwidth if you wished to retain the same high speed. You hit a button to opt out and continue with the lower speed. The service cost us Rs.1100/- a month and we were quite happy with it.

A month or so back the “fair use” speed suddenly dropped to levels where it became impossible to work. So we upgraded to a 30 GB “hi speed” plan. This new scheme costs us Rs.1500/- a month.  The new scheme worked well for us for a month since we did not exceed the limit, but this month is different. We have six more days on the billing cycle and we exhausted the 30 GB three days back. That is when things dramatically changed.

The connection is dropped every few minutes and we are redirected to this page that suggests we buy more data.


You will notice there is no opt out button on this page. The only way you can go back to the page you were browsing is by starting from scratch. Imagine having to repeat it every five minutes. And for THREE days in a row. Now, purchase of this package is supposed to be an option. Logically, even someone with the most hopeless memory should have got this message after three days of reminders every five minutes.  Yet Airtel continues to throw this message. For all practical purposes, Airtel is insisting that we buy this extra credit in spite of our having upgraded to a higher plan already.

Unfortunately for Airtel, they don’t seem to realize that this kind of arm twisting is precisely what customers (at least this one) do not like. What they also don’t realize is that there is service called Justdial where all you need to do is to enquire about a service and you get a list of service providers almost immediately.

Just a minute after my call to Justdial, I receive a call from the Adyar office of, yeah you guessed it right, AIRTEL. Looks like Airtel is more interested in acquiring new customers than in retaining existing ones. When I told her that I already had an Airtel connection and was looking for an alternative, she predictably cut the line.

But there were other calls too and I have already issued a cheque for Rs.1622/- for a broadband connection that offers me 1mbps unlimited data at Rs.561/-, no fair use limits, Rs.561 installation charges, Rs.500 refundable deposit. No, am not going to drop my Airtel connection. I believe in the dictum that a known devil is better. However am definitely downgrading to the cheapest broadband plan that Airtel has to offer.

As for the fool that came up with this idea of arm twisting customers to squeeze out a little more money from them. You just ended up losing every month, more than whatever it was that you were hoping to make this one time from me.”

Written by El Presidente

January 10, 2014 at 12:29 pm

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