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Have we heard this before?

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The Time of India quotes games authorities that there may be some “hitches” here and there, but were optimistic that overall the games would be a great success. These were the same people insisting that everything would work perfectly well hardly a month back.

How this whole sordid event will play out in the coming days is something anyone can easily predict. Last minute patch ups will be done a few days before the games start at inflated costs. Most of the patches will last the games. Some won’t, but those would be part of the “some glitches”. The games will not be a resounding success in terms of execution, but the whole world will praise the Indians for trying so hard and being “nice hosts”.

Soon as the games are over, the patches will fall apart. The so called world class infrastructure will become useless for the intended purpose. The stadiums will be taken over by the politicians for conducting their mass events (sportspeople will not be able to use them anyway), the potholes will reappear, the newly dug gutters will get clogged again.

Life will go on as usual.

I only hope that things are different this time around. I hope that the rains will ensure that last minute patches simply don’t stick. Along with Mr.Mani Shankar Iyer, I pray that the games are a total failure. Only then will the corrupt gang of thieves stealing public money in the pretext of upholding the nation’s pride, will be brought to book.

Written by El Presidente

September 13, 2010 at 11:29 am

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