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Mindless entertainment anyone ?

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Rajapattai is an out and out director’s movie. His dominating and disastrous presence is felt in every single scene … and song … and dance. Whatever happened to the Suseenthiran of the “Naan Kadavul” fame? Why would he agree to direct a movie if his heart was not in it? It is quite obvious that the film has been made in the most cavalier and disinterested manner possible. There are so many “commercial” movies in Tamil cinema which are equally or even more mindless than Rajapattai, but one tends to believe that at least the makers of those movies took them seriously. NO ONE seems to have taken Rajapattai seriously. It is “time pass” purely for the sake of “time pass”.

When I think about it, I get this feeling that all these stalwarts of Tamil cinema decided to participate in a contest of who could hit absolute rock bottom in their own chosen fields.

So here are the scores for the “hit the abyss contest”:


For directing without direction – 8/10

For turning a hero into a clown – 10/10


For not asking Suseendran the very profound question that Vadivel put forth – ” Enna vechu comedy geemedy pannalaye?” – 9/10

For allowing himself to be dressed up in a zillion excellent costumes for absolutely no reason at all – 9/10

Deeksha Seth:

For taking the “south indians like fleshy women” theory literally and therefore choosing to sport a double chin – 8/10

Unfortunately we cannot score her on any other parameter since nothing much was expected of her other than being present, which she did commendably well.

Yuvan Shankar Raja:

For music that makes you wish you had fast forward buttons in movie theatres.  I cannot score him on this since I decided to sleep through the songs.

That kind of sums up the movie. The winner of course is Suseendran. He managed to pull off such a disaster of a movie in spite of pretty decent performances from K.Vishwanath and Mithra Kurian. Mithra Kurian is a brilliant actor and it shows. In fact she was the lone saving grace in an otherwise forgettable movie. Did I say the “lone saving grace”.

Maybe not. I forgot to mention that Suseendran managed to achieve something that even the best directors in Tamil cinema have consistently failed to do. He kept the audience glued to their seats till the fag end of the movie, even through the credits.

Yes my dear reader – the only other thing worthwhile watching in the movie is the inspired afterthought in the form of an item number by Shriya Saran and Reema Sen. No doubt it was totally unrelated to the movie, but then, when did we ever care about such trivialities.

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December 25, 2011 at 8:13 pm

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