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Gmail priority inbox …

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… seems to address a need that I always had while providing something else that is equally useful.

The option of marking a mail that you want to come back to is provided in some form in all mail clients, but to display it right there on the first page makes a HUGE difference to me. This feature is an example of how important presentation is, and the kind of impact it can have on the usefulness of a feature.

The priority inbox, which is the primary feature of this update also seems to be useful. There have been other approaches to marking important mail, but all of them allowed only rigid rules while the Google approach seems to be more fuzzy. The most important difference is that the user interface is designed to highlight the “priority mail” but does not encourage you to totally ignore those that is considers less important.

A long overdue but welcome mail feature from Google.

Written by El Presidente

September 5, 2010 at 6:03 am

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